Double Trouble: Meeting Grover Cleveland

My Journey Through the Best Presidential Biographies

GClevelandThroughout the history of the United States there has only been one person to serve as president for multiple – but non-consecutive – terms. That person is Grover Cleveland and he has uniquely complicated the presidential math.

Although nearly everyone knows there have been forty-four presidents so far, there have only been forty-three people to have ever been president.

I may be the only person bothered by the fact that Grover Cleveland gets double-counted, and that’s fine. But for all that statistical trouble I currently have just two biographies of Cleveland in my library.

The first biography of Cleveland I’m reading is “Grover Cleveland: A Study in Courage” by Allan Nevins. This 1933 Pulitzer Prize winner is a two-volume study which I own in the form of a single, lengthy book. In my edition it isn’t even possible to tell where one volume ends and the other begins.

This is…

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