History Buff’s Christmas List

The Pacific (2010) blu-ray combo pack;  Hugh Ambrose follows in the lofty footsteps of his father as WW2 historian-  HBO’s epic miniseries provides much deserved (and overdue) recognition to the Marines who won the war against Japan.   This DVD/blu-ray pack is loaded with extras and will make a worthy addition to any collection.

Landing on Iwo this Christmas

Landing on Iwo this Christmas

The Civil War News; A monthly publication with its finger on the pulse of Civil War history- living history updates, book reviews, preservation news- information any Civil War buff can use.


Thomas Jefferson’s Garden Book; Get gardening advice from one of our best- eternally a young gardener, Jefferson’s meticulous journal is a blueprint for building the perfect garden.

Build at your own risk

Build at your own risk

Revell US Constitution 1/96 model Spend the long winter nights building the mother of all models- America’s greatest warship on your fireplace mantle!  Detailed rigging plans help bring the mightiest ship of the age of sail to life…’Old Iron-sides lives on.




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