Benjamin F. Butler: His Use of Profile Portraits

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I am embarking upon a newjourney into thepublicandprivateworld of Benjamin F. Butler. This is a series of blog posts that will document some of thehistories as I study them. Thepurpose of my study is better to understandwhy Butler madedecisions that broughtmuchcontroversyandcausedpublicopposition to his policies throughout his careerandlife.

b-butler-display An 1870’s portrait of Benjamin F. Butler, from Wikipedia.

Butler’s Professional Portrait

Inside of Benjamin F. Butler’s autobiography, you will see a copy of a portrait of himself. He poses with his side to the camera with a signature that reads, “Compliments of Benjamin F. Butler.” The copy is from an engraving of a painting that Darius Cobb did in 1890. Darius Cobb, of the famous Cobb Brothers, hailed as one of the great American artists of the 19th century. (1) Darius…

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