High Crimes Forgiven

Imagine politicians as ideological… as the stubborn stalwarts who occupy the halls of Congress today, living in the early 19th century.  At a time when dueling was still a tolerated method for settling matters of honor, the big talkers of our modern “Tea Party” surely would have sought safer methods for opposing the proponents of “big government” waste.  What would they have thought of our third President fighting an undeclared war in the Mediterranean, or dipping into the treasury for a sum double the federal budget to buy the Louisiana territory?


Would the bluster of current… ideologues such as Darrel Issa and Trey Gowdy have moved Thomas Jefferson to change his policies? Members of the 8th Congress were far more flexible, even pragmatic when dealing with Jefferson’s expansion of executive authority.  Opposing either of Jefferson’s perceived transgressions would have severely damaged their chances of returning to the 9th Congress.  The Louisiana Purchase was immensely popular with the American people, regardless of the Constitutional process it seemed to subvert.  Impeach Thomas Jefferson for violating Article 1; Sec. 8-9 of the Constitution?  Blind ideology would have been silly then- perhaps it still is today…



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3 responses to “High Crimes Forgiven

  1. It might be well to listen to the critics of the current president, since so much that he has done is wildly unpopular, and done with such questionable authority. Comparing the two is rather a stretch, is it not? Read what these so called ideologues are saying before painting them with an arbitrary brush.

    The Louisiana purchase is touted as an example of virtue, but many liberals would disagree because of the effect on things like buffalo and Native Americans. Any time power is wielded unilaterally in a system such as ours, someone will be trampled underfoot.

    It’s the voiceless–the meek among us–that a man like Trey Gowdy represents. Make no mistake, our current political elite does not care in any meaningful sense about the folks in fly-over country. So please do listen carefully to what our more orthodox, conservative representatives of the people are saying. They might just be right.

    • I’m speaking about the ideological purity that both parties seem to demand- something that if it had been applied in our formative years, this republic could never have endured. Labeling compromise as political cowardice will be the end of us.

      • Your point is well taken. I like the even-handedness of your blog. It is frustrating to be on any side of a debate when the discussion becomes disparaging, and you avoid that pitfall, and make a good point. The last four years of the congress shows how dysfunctional it becomes when compromise is forsworn by both sides.

        The “Tea Party” label was hijacked by political operatives on both parties, when it originated strictly from the strong objections of ordinary people to the government meddling in health care. The actions of the president most certainly skirted the constitution (even if not in an unprecedented way) and helped cement that unpopular law into permanence.

        “Tea Party” people now are terribly worried that our debt will sink us and that the machinations of the central banking system will eventually fail. Time will tell. But governing by prosecution of your political enemies has always been a loser. We need to find a better way forward. So thank you for your perspective.

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