Nuanced to Death

The need for the Obama administration… to have a more “nuanced” approach to foreign policy is weakening our position in the world and killing innocents trapped in the middle.  ISIS represents a most serious national security threat, yet Obama and his state department refuse to recognize them for what they are- the new Islamic caliphate.  “Nuance” provides a different picture; disaffected Arab youth with limited job prospects are at the heart of the ISIS threat- find them jobs, and ISIS goes away…. Obama’s refusal to recognize religion as the ideological core of this group is putting the entire world in danger.  This “nuanced” approach is a poor excuse for true foreign policy initiative to combat a threat the late, great Christopher Hitchens predicted back in 2005.  History shows us the true nature and danger of a united, radical Islamic state…

What, me worry?

What, me worry?

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were part of our first… diplomatic delegation   in London in 1785.  They were instructed to seek out Tripoli’s ambassador, Abdra-Rahman, and seek a maritime agreement.  The ambassador shocked the Americans with his exorbitant demands for ransom and tribute- even a fee for his personal attention. Jefferson protested the piracy by stating the facts: The US had no quarrel with the Muslim world, we had never been Crusaders, we took no part in the Spanish conquests of Muslim lands- what right did Tripoli have to exact such a toll?

Don't tread on me !

Don’t tread on me !

The response must have struck every reasoned bone… in Jefferson’s body- Abdra-Rahman claimed that the Koran gave Tripoli permission;  The US and Europeans were infidels, and therefore subject to war and slavery by the Holy Ottoman Empire.  Monarchy and theocracy combined to create terror and wickedness.  Jefferson immediately responded to the US Congress that no such payment should be made to such an objectionable form of tyranny and banditry.  He advised that a naval squadron  be outfitted and sent to the Mediterranean to enforce our commercial rights.


Our policy for this region of the world demands strong, definitive action-  not “nuance” 

I don't think they are looking for a jobs program.

I don’t think they are looking for a jobs program.


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