Self-Importance Gone Bad

There must be a special rung of hell… for college professors who assign their own books to a class.  On the off-chance that they actually teach the class personally(grad assistants do the dirty work) students are then forced to pay far too many pennies for the professor’s thoughts in hardback.  Boosting sales, all for the sake of disseminating knowledge.



There are few, if any… colleges that closely scrutinize assigned texts.  Academic discretion is granted the tenured professors- exactly enough latitude to allow egomaniacs the opportunity to pad book sales and boost the height of their soap boxes.  Rebecca Schuman correctly points out in Slate that these tenured academics are in fact double dipping- taking department money to research and write the books, then royalties from the poor undergrads forced to buy it.  Someone paying more than $1,000 per credit hour should receive more consideration.





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2 responses to “Self-Importance Gone Bad

  1. Just a bit off topic. I saw Sam Kinison live in Salt Lake City about a month or so before he died. I still miss him.

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