Together Again

Luke Kelly and Ronnie Drew are having a pint… in the hereafter.  No two singers better embody the spirit of Irish music than the founding members of the Dubliners.  Earthier and rougher than the Clancy Brothers, the Dubliners were the voice of the Dublin pub scene.  Scruffy and unkempt, Luke and Ronnie effortlessly alternated between ballads and drinking songs.  Luke passed away far too early in 1984, while Ronnie succumbed after a long illness in 2008.   I think they would be sad at the state of Irish music today- posers and pretenders playing songs at hyper-speed- forgetting the stories behind the songs…and the Irish heritage.

No never, no more....

No never, no more….

If your idea of Irish music is… Flogging Molly, Irish Woman, or the High Kings-  look up the original Dubliners….and get educated.


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