Facts in Five

Popular Historian- Stephen Ambrose

Hanks, Ambrose, Spielberg launch "Band of Brothers"

Hanks, Ambrose, Spielberg launch “Band of Brothers”


  • Ambrose received his PhD in history from the University of Wisconsin in 1963- his mentor was the influential William Hesseltine
  • The Civil War was Ambrose’s first focus- he authored books on Emory Upton and Henry Halleck
  • Ambrose was the founder of the National D-Day in museum in New Orleans
  • Band of Brothers”, the miniseries, earned Ambrose an Emmy award as a producer.   His book is better…
  • Every accusation of plagiarism leveled against Ambrose came from a passage cited in one of his books.  He cited the books he was accused of stealing from- hardly the definition of plagiarism.

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  1. Stephen Ambrose was the first historian I met when I started getting into history seriously. I loved to hear him talk about anything history. I even wanted to save up and go on one of his week long tours. Unfortunately, he passed away before I could do that. He will be forever missed.

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