Review: When Britain Burned the White House

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When Britain Burned the White House:  The 1814 Invasion of Washington by Peter Snow

Thomas Dunne Books, 2014.  Hardcover, 320 pages.Cover: When Britian Burned the White House

Note:  For the upcoming American Independence Day, a reminder the fight for freedom did not end with the American Revolution, thus my pick for this week’s book review.

First off, I originally selected When Britain Burned the White House in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway because I thought it would be good to know more about the War of 1812.  Even my college-level course barely glanced over it.  I did win the copy I read and I was pleasantly surprised.  This book was not only informative, but it was immaculately researched and written with a well-flowing prose.  Plus it honestly read like a good adventure novel!  I never expected to thoroughly enjoy reading this book!

Peter Snow, the brother-in-law of World War I historian Margaret MacMillan

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