Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

If you are reading this, you are asking me….

  • Is Donald Trump the next Wendel Willkie ?
  • Trump’s style candidacy is nothing new in American politics-his delivery is unique
  • There is no FDR to stand in Trump’s way if nominated
  • How are Hillary Clinton’s transgressions with classified material less relevant than those of David Patraeus?
  • Academics make the worst leaders- even worse Presidents
  • The current Eisenhower renaissance is long overdue
  • Eisenhower would not be welcome in today’s Republican party
  • John Kennedy would be kicked out of the modern Democratic party
  • Jim Webb is a good man, but running for President requires more energy
  • Sorry Dr. Carson- President of the United States should not be your first elected office
  • Teachers are lousy students
  • The answer to our failing education system is not more money for the status quo
  • School choice breeds innovation and is the only answer
  • Charter schools work- but for-profit education is a wolf in sheep’s clothing
  • Jefferson still matters- in Virginia, and Missouri
  • History is the teacher of life….
Trump 2016

Trump 2016

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