Christmas List for History Buffs provides its annual list of must-haves for the history lover in your family…


Sid Meir Civil War Collection- The master of historical PC gaming offers this dual pack of Gettysburg and Antietam strategic games.  Play is in real time, taking into account artillery, casualties, morale, and terrain- this is Civil War gaming at it’s very best.  Your Civil War buff can enjoy hours of campaign or random scenario combat.


World War II: Essential Collection- The three most influential WW2 documentaries: World at War, Victory at Sea, and The Century of Warfare- together in a one DVD collection.  These are the gold standard for documentary film making- World War 2 enthusiasts who grew up watching these series on PBS can now own them.


Harry Pfanz Trilogy on Kindle-  Rediscover the Gettysburg authority.  Dr. Pfanz’s definitive three volume history of Gettysburg is offered for one low price electronically.  This purchase will automatically increase the intelligence of your E reader by a factor of ten.  No one knew the battlefield better-  these books are a must for any Civil War buff.


The Lost Ships of Robert BallardTake an undersea tour of historical shipwrecks from the man who created deep sea archaeology.  Ballard takes you from Titanic to Bismarck – key battles to oceanic tragedy- Ballard has the sea floor in focus.


Theodore Roosevelt Trilogy by Edmund Morris- Master biography, Edmund Morris, examines the incredible life of TR in this three volume set.  Truly, a man in full- TR’s life needed three full volumes.





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