Stretched to the Limit

History serves as a convenient political tool…  for pundits and candidates alike- ham-handed comparisons to historical figures are an easy diversion fed to the media.  Former Speaker of the House and Presidential Candidate, Newt Gingrich, must be jockeying for favorable treatment from current front-runner, Donald Trump.

Surely, you jest...

Surely, you jest…

He recently told The Hill  that Trump reminded of him of Andrew Jackson… Considering Jackson’s place in our pantheon of leaders, this is a comparison that requires a reasonable defense.  Gingrich loosely associates Trump’s credentials as an anti-establishment candidate with Jackson’s wave of populism in 1824.  The comparisons stop there….cold.

Bold leadership

Bold leadership

Jackson and Trump could not be more different… one a frontier orphan born in obscurity– the other a silver spoon in his mouth.  A self-made man who helped blaze a trail into uncharted land– the other, utilizing inherited wealth to build useless hotels and casinos.  Jackson proved himself on the battlefield and the political arena; Trump talks tough on TV and is proving to be very thin-skinned when scrutinized.   A true man of action vs. a Television warrior….



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4 responses to “Stretched to the Limit

  1. So much of knowing the American historical figures, their past, their struggles. Trump is someone who is self-absorbed, full of himself, delusions of politics and his role in the American political arena.

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