Men of Harlech

Respect for the bravery of British troops at Rorke’s Drift… January 22, 1879.  This was not another war of colonization, the Brits were actually trying to halt ZULU aggression in Natal.  11 Victoria Crosses were awarded for the fighting that day- the most for any unit on a single day of combat in British history.  The defense is skillfully depicted in the 1964 film “Zulu”

Dogged Defense

Dogged Defense

B Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Foot earned its pay…this day in 1879.  The Welsh pride can still be felt-  this recording of the regimental band singing “Men of Harlech”  on the 120th Anniversary of the battle is chilling- the recording is in Rorke’s Drift church.

Click above for the audio


120th Anniversary

120th Anniversary



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