Unintended Consequences pt. 2

The real possibility of Donald Trump winning the nomination… of a major political party has shaken American politics to its core.  Many in the media are quick to accuse the Right Wing for propagating the current political climate allowing Trump to thrive.  However, an honest historical assessment, reveals an opportunistic candidate taking advantage of a nomination process championed by Progressives.  Instituting primaries- citizen selection of party nominees- was an essential piece of Progressive political reform in the early 20th century.  Allowing the people to choose their nominees, what could go wrong?

Will of the People?

Will of the People?

Primary voters barely constitute 12% of the electorate… and inevitably represent the most radical elements of each party.  Candidates are forced to pander to a tiny minority of people to win this unnecessary popularity contest.  Radical positions which were requisites during the primary are quickly cast aside in the General election.  Are the nominees really representative of the American electorate?

Business leader, political novice

Business leader, political novice

Trump’s critics call him a radical and a demagogue…  but the primary election process is making his nomination likely.  The American left resents his rise, but their forefathers made it possible.




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