What Took so Long?

New Left control of academic history has been a reality since… the 1960’s.  Critics and casual observers alike, have noticed the 50 year attack on historical interpretations involving “dead white males.”   Social history now dominates most textbooks, college courses, and the AP examinations- white male privilege is obviously a threat to understanding our past.  Why did it take so long to remove one of them from our currency?

andrew jackson obv

It matters little what face resides on the $20 bill… the currency will remain legal tender for debts public and private.  This is not the first time we changed the look of our money, and will definitely not be the last.  Sadly, we have allowed these trifling cosmetic alterations to become political and historical judgements- empty platitudes thrown about by so-called public intellectuals.  

Not the likely image

Not the likely image

The crusty old spirit of Andrew Jackson is resting peacefully now… that he is only featured on a limited edition gold dollar coin.  Our 7th President devoted much of his public life to battling the proliferation of paper currency and his face on the most commonly circulated bill was an obvious affront to his memory.  His role in our history is not diminished by this- and any debate arguing this justification is misguided political correctness.




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