My Favorite Things

Monticello in Spring-  The flowers are in bloom, the garden is springing up- Jefferson would have been busy this time of year.  Our son has a permanent place in Jefferson’s care…..

A joyous obsession


Gettysburg at dusk-  Tranquility prevails today, but in 1863 it was hell on earth.  The calm settling through the trees is something to behold on a warm Summer evening.

Tenting tonight on the old campground….


Cool breeze off the Potomac- Can best be experienced sitting on Washington’s back porch at Mt. Vernon.  Lawrence Washington sure knew how to pick a spot….the cool breeze is a welcomed relief on a hot, humid Virginia day.

Can’t beat this view



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  1. Those are three of my favorite places as well, and every once in awhile I’m reminded just how lucky I am to have all three within a 2 hour drive-

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