Original Intent- Proper Perspective

Anti-gun fanatic, Piers Morgan, made the bold claim it was FACT… that the Second Amendment was written with only “muskets in mind, not high-powered handguns and assault rifles…”    He was simply echoing  long held beliefs of the American Left- that following the logic of Original Intent(as Conservatives do)  the Second Amendment is incompatible with modern weaponry and gun rights.  The Framers would never have supported “assault rifles” as a form of personal defense.

Original assault rifle circa 1791

Original assault rifle circa 1791

Original Intent has nothing to do with this juvenile line of reasoning…  Muskets, particularly with rifled barrels were cutting edge technology in the late 18th century.  The Second Amendment wasn’t written as a regressive ideal- they weren’t advocating the protection of swords, slingshots, or clubs.  Rifled muskets were the “assault weapons” of their day.  The Framers didn’t specify the firearm, knowing that technological advancement was inevitable.  The bearing of arms must be construed as to the weapons presently available.  Implying that the Framers would only consider one type of weapon, knowing it would be antiquated to future generations,  is an insult to the men who gave us the Bill of Rights.

Fires one shot at a time

Fires one shot at a time

Automatic weapons have been outlawed in this country since 1934the eyebrows  of educated Americans should be raised as pundits blather about “automatic weapons” being bought, sold, and used in these mass shootings.






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