Warm Living Right

Liberals in America have never accepted our history… of owning firearms.  For decades they have waged legislative battles to restrict gun ownership and courtroom battles to redefine long-held beliefs about the Second Amendment.  The Supreme Court finally settled all legal questions with its landmark DC v. Heller decision in 2008.  The case proved how far Liberal politicians would go to restrict gun rights (handguns were banned even inside homes) and dubious interpretations of the Second Amendment were argued before the highest court with full expectation of vindication.  The majority of the Court ruled that ownership of a gun is not connected to membership in a militia.  The idea of limits placed upon the operative clause of the amendment is a direct violation of the rights of individuals.  The Court wisely disregarded misguided attempts at original intent of the framers by noting that the roots of the Second Amendment could be found in the Anti-Federalist movement.

When you cannot prove your point, make stuff up….

Progressive historians often agree with… the now discredited idea of the collective right interpretation.  During the heated gun control debate following the Columbine school shootings, Liberals redoubled their efforts, including historical analysis.  Emory university professor Michael Bellesiles published the notorious Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture.  His thesis contended that America’s gun culture developed after WW2, prior to which there was no consistent history of gun ownership in America.  Infamy was achieved by the unprecedented level of fraudulent research Bellesiles cited to arrive at his conclusions.  He fabricated evidence, distorted statistics, and misquoted historical figures to prove the highly contentious assertion that gun ownership was never part of individual rights in American history.

There is a battle being waged…over our history.  There are historians who reject the tales of Minutemen, Elmer Ellsworth, and citizen soldiers.  They are willing to publish fraudulent history to try to win a public policy debate.  The Courts, public opinion, history, and the Constitution all side with American history that includes individual gun ownership rights.

Can such a man exist in Professor Bellesile’s world? Elmer Ellsworth, drill master


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