Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

Madison rolls over edition…

  • A US Congressman publicly proclaimed the US Constitution was written so the Federal government could expand its power- Madison rolls over…twice
  • So much time and effort is expended trying to refute Original Intent, considering all of our trouble lately, maybe it’s time to embrace it?
  • The Bill of Rights is not negotiable
  • Nine of the first ten amendments restrict government and enumerate individual rights- but gun control advocates want you to believe that the Second Amendment empowers government through a collective privilege?
  • Government did not give us the Bill of Rights- it was the creator
  • Instead of simply taking a selfie with Thomas Jefferson….visitors to Monticello should read some of his words.
  • Democrats unhappy with the current legislative agenda should try winning more elections, rather than wrinkling their $1,000 suits sitting on the floor.
  • So very sad when France deals with domestic terrorism in more forceful terms than we do.
  • The AR-15 fires one bullet at a time
  • Commercial sale of automatic weapons has been illegal since 1937
  • One part William Jennings Bryan, and two parts Wendell Willkie, Donald Trump embodies the worst of both- demagoguery, combined with irresponsible opportunism. 
  • After listening to so-called legal and Constitutional experts spout-off for the past month- it’s clear that the Federalist Papers are not part of our educational system any longer.
  • Charter schools work- but not cookie cutter, for-profit diploma mills.
  • I stand with Jefferson
  • Stop the destruction of Confederate monuments



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