High Crimes Forgiven

Imagine politicians as ideological… as the stubborn stalwarts who occupy the halls of Congress today, living in the early 19th century.  At a time when dueling was still a tolerated method for settling matters of honor, the big talkers of our modern “Tea Party” surely would have sought safer methods for opposing the proponents of “big government” waste.  What would they have thought of our third President fighting an undeclared war in the Mediterranean, or dipping into the treasury for a sum double the federal budget to buy the Louisiana territory?


Would the bluster of current… ideologues such as Darrel Issa and Trey Gowdy have moved Thomas Jefferson to change his policies? Members of the 8th Congress were far more flexible, even pragmatic when dealing with Jefferson’s expansion of executive authority.  Opposing either of Jefferson’s perceived transgressions would have severely damaged their chances of returning to the 9th Congress.  The Louisiana Purchase was immensely popular with the American people, regardless of the Constitutional process it seemed to subvert.  Impeach Thomas Jefferson for violating Article 1; Sec. 8-9 of the Constitution?  Blind ideology would have been silly then- perhaps it still is today…


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