The Perfect Song

O'er the land of the free

O’er the land of the free

The “Star Spangled Banner” is the only…. song worthy to be our national anthem.  National anthems are bland airs that do not typically inspire and rarely capture the essence of the country they represent.  Written in conflict, inspired by perseverance, the “Star Spangled Banner” stands the test of history because it truly symbolizes the spirit of our nation.  The flag survived the bombardment- our country survived the perils of war.

Critics cite the difficult vocal demands… and  lyrics inspired by war as reason to find a new national anthem.  Despite popular myth, the melody of the “Banner” is not a British drinking song and the lyrics do not condone war.  Singers are tortured by the song because too many of them try to do too much with it.  Improvisation has become a subtle form of protest amongst popular artists.  Far too many singers try to leave their mark on the song for the sake of vanity.  Francis Scott Key’s lyrics capture a defining moment in our history; a time when the American experiment was in peril, yet our determination won the day.  Yes, the lyrics were written during a war, but this republic was worth fighting for- Key’s poem effectively recounts the struggle.

Gave proof through the night

Gave proof through the night

Our national anthem stands alone… in its ability to capture the American spirit.  Disillusioned disciples of the New Left can argue against this spirit in biased college classrooms, but it only takes a few bars of the “Banner” to relegate these petty assertions to the fringe where they belong.  Perseverance, bravery, and patriotism stand as the virtues preserved by the timeless words and inspirational melody – the “Star Spangled Banner”





John Legend and other armchair activists attack… the Banner rather than explore the limp protests against it.  Legend’s claim that our National Anthem lacked merit ignores the evidence- athletes, veterans, ordinary people moved to tears by the power of patriotism through song.  Mr. Legend should shut up, and sing….


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