Soviet Revelations

Top 5 revelations researchers have discovered in the available Soviet Archives: 65.3 million files have been open to outside researchers since 1991

  • Clear evidence Stalin had a hand in the North Korean invasion of the South in 1950
  • Soviet agents were aware that Vietnamese officials were lying about the number of American POW’s in 1970
  • Politburo officials had serious doubts about the invasion and pacification of Afghanistan
  • Long considered a documented Soviet agent, Manhattan Project scientist Niels Bohr is exonerated
  • The VENONA Intercepts were confirmed:  Message #1822, present in both CIA and KGB records identifies Alger Hiss as the Soviet spy called ALES.


Not Guilty

Not Guilty

Still guilty

Still guilty


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  1. We always knew they had a hand in starting the war, but we were already there interfering since 1910 and then the USSR got edged out by China. So many butterfly effects in this world.

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