The Best Biographies of Franklin D. Roosevelt

My Journey Through the Best Presidential Biographies

fdr-stampEvery student of American history knows that Franklin D. Roosevelt served more terms as President of the United States than any other person ever has – or ever will.

During the FDR presidency, America faced two of the greatest crises in its history: the Great Depression and World War II.  His response to those challenges fundamentally altered the relationship between the American people and their government…and left FDR with a reputation as one of the most consequential (if not successful) of U.S. presidents.

It should not be surprising that FDR consumed more of my time than any other president: 19 books, almost 12,000 pages and more than seven months. He proved daring, bold, intriguing, provocative and fascinating – but I’m glad to be moving on to Harry Truman!

* * *

I began with five single-volume biographies of FDR:

* “FDR” by Jean Edward Smith – This…

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