Whose Name is Called

Stonewall Jackson summoned AP Hill…during his final, delirious moments on May 10, 1863.  The two men had often been at odds during the war (not that difficult to be in Jackson’s doghouse, especially when he had his own reputation to consider.)  But the memory of Hill’s soldiers always being prepared stuck with Jackson even on his deathbed.

Beneath the shade of the trees

Robert E. Lee called upon Hill’s bravery… as he passed in and out of conscienceness  on October 12, 1870.  Lee insisted “Hill MUST come up”  before passing away.  The Confederacy’s two most revered commanders remembered the contributions of the Light Division (even if it was in fever induced delirium.)

Old reliable

Whose name could Ambrose Powell Hill call…as he lay dying near Petersburg, Virginia on April 2, 1865?  Hill had been struck down while leading what was left of his division to the front.  AP Hill often claimed he did not want to live to see the Confederacy fall.  He died seven days before Lee’s surrender.


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