Not Reality TV

Trump’s inability to accept the inevitable was on full display last night… he’s losing this campaign and will fall in the election by a yuuuuuge margin.  Scowling his way through the final debate, Trump hinted again at not accepting defeat on Nov. 9.   Rather than admit his shortcomings as a candidate, he has perpetrated the false narrative of a “rigged system.”  His colossal insecurity is actively undermining our democracy.  Media bias is not “rigging the system”, it is simply a response to HIS OWN hostility.  If this irresponsible rhetoric causes any illegal or destructive behavior by his followers, Trump must be held accountable. 

Already a sore loser

Already a sore loser

Attempts to link Trump’s absurd notion of refusing to accept election outcomes… with Al Gore’s actions in 2000 fail the test of history.   Gore drew back his concession because the decisive electoral verdict would come from a state that had instituted and mandatory recount.  Florida went to George W. Bush by a margin of 537 votes.   Gore’s hesitation was understandable, his continued litigation, debatable.

Counting votes

Counting votes

The election of 2016 is not coming down to one state… the electoral result is going to be decisive.  Any attempt to claim that it was somehow stolen, or manipulated is foolish talk from an irresponsible candidate.



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4 responses to “Not Reality TV

  1. So far it seems at least a fair amount of Trump “disrupters” were actually paid democratic operatives. The media has done a very poor job of reporting on the WIKILEAKS dumps and the Project Veritas reportage. There has always been election fraud and dirty tricks so I’m not sure why any candidate would give up his right to question results in advance (wouldn’t that appear that he was giving up before the results were in?).

    Trump is exasperating but honestly so is the reporting of this election. As a woman I’m more concerned with Hillary Clinton’s war mongering and corruption than anything else–I don’t want war with Russia. Also as a woman I’m embarrassed by the coddling coverage of Clinton )just because she is a woman).

    But in a way we deserve who we get. We let the people on TV define us as a nation–not historical documents and our pretty amazing history.

    • Were the election decided by a single state, a candidate would be right in scrutinizing results, but there simply is not enough corruption to impact a general election margin of victory like we will see on Nov. 8.

      • That may be true. My only thought is that the media keeps harping on this question when there are so many others that matter to our country at this time. Have a great weekend!


      • PS~ what do you think about the threat from Russian hacks to mess with the elections? I worry that the “Russian” hacks may be a ruse. Why is one candidate questioned about the election being rigged while the other says the election may be “rigged” by the Russians? At this point I have no idea who to believe. Ugh.

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