Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

We are the wretched refuse….


  • If there was ever an election to vote third party– this is it
  • The Johnson/Weld ticket is the most trustworthy, hands down
  • Why not just ask about Syria?
  • The media should not be in the business of proving points
  • I had no idea where Aleppo was
  • Wasn’t Aleppo the sixth Marx brother?
  • Clinton vs. Trump =  Blaine vs. Cleveland
  • The United States needs a new party- not another third party, but an entirely new party
  • The Republican party is crumbling before our eyes
  • Trump should have taken the auto tour in Gettysburg
  • No candidate or politician should ever compare their speech at Gettysburg to Lincoln’s
  • Populism has never had a positive impact on this country
  • Demagogues thrive on populism
  • Populism always involves healthy doses of fear and resentment 
  • Trump’s talk of “settling scores”  comes directly out of Germany in the 1930’s
  • PracticallyHistorical.net  endorses the Johnson/Weld ticket in 2016
  • Voting is a privilege that can never be overrated 




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