Here are the Rankings !

Practically Historical finally gets around to… ranking the Presidents.  The criteria was laid out in an earlier post;

  • Meeting the issues of the day… how well did the President address the most pertinent concerns of the electorate– not the sanitized, politically correct concerns of the scholar.
  • Crisis leadership… could the President provide the necessary leadership during national crises– war is the ultimate crisis, but not the only one to be considered.
  • Fulfilling the duties of the office… did the President enforce the law, defend the Constitution, supervise the military, and promote our diplomatic interests?

Hail to the Chief

The Top 10                                 The Bottom 5                    Oh so Close 5

  1. Lincoln                                   5.  Johnson                               5.  Grant
  2. Washington                         4.  Hayes                                 4.  LBJ
  3. T. Roosevelt                         3.  Van Buren                         3.  Wilson
  4. F. Roosevelt                         2.  Buchanan                         2.  McKinley
  5. Polk                                       1.  Harding                           1.  Monroe
  6. Truman
  7. Jefferson
  8. Madison
  9. Eisenhower
  10. Jackson

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