Choosing the Best Men

President-elect Trump should take notes from Lincoln’s example… As the country waits impatiently for Trump to roll out his cabinet, all eyes are now focused on the all important position of Secretary of State.  A laundry list of sycophants and “yes” men have emerged to offer advice, or themselves, to Trump for consideration.  The lack of foresight in the choices already made sends a clear message that he’s not looking for the best men, just “his” men.  He obviously isn’t ready to learn from history.

Rivals no longer

Rivals no longer

Lincoln snatched William H. Seward’s dream… the Republican Presidential nomination, right from his grasp in 1860.  Rather than humiliating a vanquished foe, Lincoln turned to Seward for help.  The crisis at hand demanded the best people in our government.  Lincoln could have built a team of acolytes who possessed little beyond loyalty.  Seward was the best man for the job and he was Lincoln’s first cabinet appointment.  The two men put aside their political and personal differences and formed the diplomatic team that saved the Union.

Get off my lawn!

Get off my lawn!

Trump trolls Twitter feeds looking for conflict and indignation… Not the kind of coalition building promised following his rather indecisive victory.


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