Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

Dead as a doornail, so wonder may come…

  • New media has brought an end to the era of spin…
  • It’s not that I liked my insurance plan, I simply appreciated the fact I had one…
  • We don’t need health insurance reform, we need healthcare payment reform
  • Remember when dissent was considered the highest order of patriotism?
  • It seems dissent is only tolerated when a Republican is in the White House
  • Ideological purity within the political parties is dangerous- as Madison pointed out in Federalist #10
  • Would Eisenhower be a Republican today?
  • Could Kennedy be a Democrat today?
  • A Truman Democrat with a libertarian streak….
  • ‘To faithfully execute the laws…’   seems simple enough.
  • Teaching high school-  working to prepare impressionable minds for the nonsense of Academia
  • Whenever I feel a tiny bit of regret for leaving the academic world- I talk to a few academics… then all is right. 
  • Historians study HISTORY… and shouldn’t be expected to hyper-focus on one minute part of it.
  • Diane Ravitch is now a shill for the teachers’ unions
  • School choice works
  • Charter schools work
  • Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings-  choose  your greeting.



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