History Wishes for the New Year

Things only a historian could wish for….

  • Paul Ryan becomes the next Henry Clay- reestablishing the power of Congress against an Imperial Presidency
  • Legitimate scholarship on the Obama Presidency
  • Completion of the Eisenhower Memorial on the National Mall- followed by greater appreciation of his Presidency
  • Congress take a leading role in preserving historical sites around the country
  • Stop destroying Confederate monuments
  • Stop flying the Confederate flag on government property
  • Stop the indiscriminate renaming of buildings and institutions- more debate, less emotion please
  • Judge historical figures in the context of THEIR time, not ours
  • A multi-volume biography of James Madison
  • More research, scholarship, and debate- fewer musicals
  • End all foolish talk of secession- 715,000 Americans died destroying that fallacy
  • A Civil War movie from the soldiers’ point of view- not politically correct drivel about race
  • More living historians- fewer PhD’s
  • Every vote counts- and the electoral process works- accept it.
Destroying history to feel "safe"

Destroying history to feel “safe”



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