Go Shill Your Revision Somewhere Else

American history education needs fixing…. but it cannot be in the form of foolish revisionism.  As the educational community looks for answers to this problem, hucksters and con-men will attempt to make a quick dollar with their dubious products.  American filmmaker and woefully amateurish historian, Oliver Stone, is attempting to sell his new history book to anyone willing to listen to his highly contentious view of American history (He “blogs” for Huffington Post with purchase information prominently displayed.)    Why aren’t more high school students exposed to his ludicrous revisions of our history?

Uncle Joe was really a wonderful guy

Someone with a record of historical shenanigans…. like Oliver Stone, should be allowed nowhere close to American educational reform.  There are plenty of conscientious, disciplined, and trained historians who are willing to assist American students with learning our history.


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One response to “Go Shill Your Revision Somewhere Else

  1. Dave

    Oliver Stone is to history what I am to film making- another amateur with a partially informed and largely unsophisticated opinion. The ONLY reason he gets any attention on these issues is because his narrative construct IS the Hollywood/Left’s as well. As a story teller he is ‘meh.’ As an historian, he is dangerously wrong. Considering him an historian is like considering Michael Moore a documentary film maker.

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