Executive Ordering

Executive orders were once referred to as “memorandum, notes, or letters”… issued by the President.  Many Americans equate the process with the creation of law, but typically the orders are written to enforce, not write laws.  Recent Presidents have used the authority to implement policies which are not part of a legislative agenda.  Historically, the American people are uncomfortable with an overly-active executive.  The practice has only been officially documented since 1936.

Some perspective on the issuing of Executive Orders is needed….

Most notorious

Most notorious

Ge0rge Washington- 8

James Madison- 1

Andrew Jackson- 12

James K. Polk- 18

Abraham Lincoln- 48

US Grant- 217

Theodore Roosevelt- 1,081

Woodrow Wilson- 1, 803

*Calvin Coolidge- 1,203

Franklin Roosevelt- 3,721

Richard Nixon- 346

George W. Bush- 291

Barack Obama- 276

Donald Trump- 12…. and counting


Building walls

Building walls





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3 responses to “Executive Ordering

  1. Interesting list of number of executive orders for the above presidents. Just interested in what source you used. I’d really like to look into these numbers and the possible meaning behind them. Enjoyed your post.

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