Exit Interview Pt. 1

The historic Presidency of Barack Obama is over… many scholars have already formed their opinions on our 44th President– Practically Historical advises more careful scholarship be undertaken.  Obama’s historic election should be remembered, but his time in office needs proper scrutiny for the sake of future generations.



The Good–

Economic recovery-  Critics will charge that the natural business cycle helped us out of the Great Recession, but Obama’s administration played a key role.  Job growth, GDP, and stock prices all rose under his leadership, while unemployment fell.  Obama’s efforts with the stimulus package and the bailout of the auto industry are both noteworthy.  By the end of his second term, economists were only debating the rates of growth, not whether there had been any.


Civil Rights-  Though he opposed gay marriage for much of his political life, Obama changed his mind and used the Justice Department to fight for this most basic right for same-sex couples.  His efforts united people from across the political spectrum– the key court case was argued by former US Solicitor (Republican) General Ted Olson.  Anthony Kennedy sealed the Constitutionality of the issue in Obergefell v. Hodges.


Killing Osama Bin Laden-  George W. Bush had given up the manhunt, but Obama made it a priority.  Violating the sovereign borders of an alleged ally and carrying out a dangerous clandestine raid there was a bold stroke.  Obama showed commendable fraternity by first contacting his predecessor with the news.


Tomorrow–  the bad. 


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