Exit Interview pt. 2

A continuing examination of the Presidency of Barack Obama… partisanship is kept to a minimum, but the issues raised are the opinions of Practically Historical and its staff.

Another lecture

Another lecture

The Bad…


The clean energy conundrum:  Obama’s attempts to be the first “Green President” cost the tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars in bogus subsidies  and crippled traditional industries(costing thousands of jobs) with an undeclared war on the coal industry.   Considering that the United States accounts for less than 15% of the world’s CO2 emissions, Obama’s policies were decidedly ideological and at odds with the majority of the American people


Minding the store:  The 24 hour news cycle brings local stories national attention, completely skewing proper perspectives.  Obama’s seeming need to insert himself in local and state matters often blurred the lines of Federalism and confounded attempts at reforming law enforcement.  The “beer summit” and professed paternal bond with Trayvon Martin did more to divide the public than promote understanding.  Obama’s image evolved into that of lecturer-in-chief, castigating the public for what he considered their ignorance.  on matters of race, religion, and tolerance.


Selective Enforcement Syndrome:  Despite being declared “scandal-free” by partisans, Obama’s Justice Department was plagued by insidious ideological application of the law.  The half-hearted investigation of  IRS officials  targeting Conservative groups with audits and denying non-profit status based on ideology concluded without a single indictment; conversely, Attorney General Loretta Lynch promptly responded to Congressional Democrats demanding an investigation into secret videos of Planned Parenthood officials leaked by a pro-life group.  The DOJ refused to pursue any charges in the botched DEA operation called “Fast and Furious.” 

Another round was needed

Another round was needed


Next time–  The Ugly


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