College Kids Never Knew

John Kennedy established the Peace Corps… in 1961.  Long considered a haven for idealistic college graduates, few people take the time to understand the organization’s true roots; the Cold War.   The Peace Corps was founded as an integral part of Kennedy’s “flexible response” doctrine.   Kennedy wanted to rebut the imperialist image the Soviets tagged Americans with in the third world.

With the stroke of a pen…


Americans on the ground, building schools, hospitals, wells, and roads;  Assisting teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs in how to better serve the interests of their people.  Kennedy wanted to provide a clear and peaceful alternative to the aggression and chaos of Soviet communism.  Since 1961, over 200,000 Americans have served in 139 countries.  What did Khrushchev come up with?

Nicky, I don’t know where that has been….


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