Hubris pt. 2

It was only a matter of time before political correctness led to historical revisionism… it’s happening on college campuses around the country.  Confronted with the realization that their advocacy is redundant and their demands trifling- these cereal box revolutionaries are targeting our history with their misguided platitudes.

So original

So original

The irony is thick as Liberal college students attack the legacy of Progressive icon, Woodrow Wilson… long heralded a progressive hero by academics, and firmly positioned in Schlesinger’s top 10 of all PresidentsWilson’s name is no longer welcomed by the students of Princeton.   A most unreasonable position considering that Princeton’s status as Ivy League mainstay is due in large part to the career and reputation of Wilson.  Aside from changing names and blotting out monuments, the advocacy here advances little past public relations.



As predicted in an earlier post… Jefferson’s name was sure to be a target of the politically correct, kiddie cops.  Student protesters in Missouri, and most recently Jefferson’s alma mater, William and Mary in Virginia.  “Students” argue his slave holding in the 19th century is so offensive, it warrants removing his presence from both institutions.   These judicious, young stewards are enlightened far beyond their 18 or 19 years and clearly understand the human experience better than any nasty slave owner from 200 years ago.  The sarcasm is only applied to further illuminate the hubris-  this could be the beginning of our end.

Standing up for TJ

Standing up for TJ

Jefferson critic Annette Gordon-Reed… is discerning enough to see advocacy gone too far.  She recently told

“I understand why some people think his statues should be removed, but not all controversial figures of the past are created equal, I think Jefferson’s contributions to the history of the United States outweigh the problems people have with aspects of his life. He is just too much a part of the American story … to pretend that he was not there.  There is every difference in the world between being one of the founders of the United States and being a part of group of people who fought to destroy the United States.”






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