False Equivalence From Our President

The Marble Model

Trump continues to show an astounding ignorance of American history… with his insinuation that the removal of Lee’s statue in Charlottesville will lead to the removal of monuments to Jefferson and Washington.


Renown Jefferson critic Annette Gordon-Reed summarized the possibility: 


“I understand why some people think his statues should be removed, but not all controversial figures of the past are created equal, I think Jefferson’s contributions to the history of the United States outweigh the problems people have with aspects of his life. He is just too much a part of the American story … to pretend that he was not there.  There is every difference in the world between being one of the founders of the United States and being a part of group of people who fought to destroy the United States.”



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6 responses to “False Equivalence From Our President

  1. If the people who tore down the statues knew their history and/or had any respect for artistic and historical relics – none of this would have happened. Mob mentality is insane and i can not agree or condone anyone with that ideology. Tell me – what is the difference between the people in Charlottesville and those of ISIS seen here?

  2. PS. I think you forgot that Jefferson not only had slaves but he kept one woman a sex slave.

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