Facts in Five- Pearl Harbor

Five Steps to Pearl Harbor Edition

  • July 8, 1853– Using gunboat diplomacy, Commodore Matthew Perry threatened to bombard Tokyo unless the Japanese government opened its ports to American trade.
  • September 5, 1905– Japan and Russia sign the treaty of Portsmouth, negotiated by President Theodore Roosevelt, ending the Russo Japanese War.  Three days of Anti-American riots followed, spawned by the belief Roosevelt had cheated the Japanese out of legitimately won war claims. 
  • October 17, 1941– Militarist and Imperialist Hideki Tojo becomes Prime Minister of Japan.  Tojo had been advocating the creation of Pan-Asian Japanese empire since 1934. He considered America “the cancer of the Pacific” that had to be eliminated. 
  • May 1940– President Franklin Roosevelt orders the US Pacific fleet to move its base of operation from San Diego to Pearl Harbor.  Admiral James Richardson vehemently protested the move and was replaced as commander. 
  • November 26, 1941– Secretary of State Cordell Hull presented the Japanese ambassador with our final proposal to resolve the diplomatic impasse between the US and Japan.  Japan was to withdraw from Indochina and China to avoid potential hostilities.  The Japanese strike fleet had left for Hawaii the previous day. 


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