Fading Away….

Battle lines are fading...

Battle lines are fading…


Civil War reenacting is a dying hobby… numbers have declined sharply over the last 20 years- due in part to the recession, but many of the wounds are self inflicted.


Serious reenactors are intimidating… and their strict adherence to unquestionable authenticity allows little room for the curious or casual hobbyist.  The ranks are growing grayer, and heftier- and the importance of living history is being brushed aside for selfish “hardcore campaigning.”    Potential recruits are openly discouraged by so-called “hardcores” – self appointed protectors of the lifestyle….. soon to be lost in all the stitch counting.


Greater effort is needed to reach out to the next generation of Civil War living historians… There must be an alternative to self-defeating behaviors like stitch counting and labeling- as if our hobby was meant to be exclusive. 






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2 responses to “Fading Away….

  1. I gave reenacting a try at an event in Southern California. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, I only went to watch and learn from them. When I told them I had come to get inspiration for a writing project, they told me they had extra clothes and invited me to join the fight. It might make you feel good to know the troops were incredibly welcoming and friendly to me, even though I really had no idea what I was doing haha! I was also the only girl! 🙂

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