Theodore Roosevelt: September, 1901

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The iconic family photograph of Theodore Roosevelt and his family.

The month had started quietly enough for Theodore Roosevelt and his family.

A Family Vacation

Theodore Roosevelt, his wife Edith, and their six children were on a rare and well-needed family vacation in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. A year earlier, the 42-year-old Theodore had been elected Vice President of the USA, an ineffectual position he neither sought nor wanted. But it fell into his lap, and he was semi-willingly coerced into making a lap.

He duly presided over the Senate, his one constitutional duty, and made the usual social-Washington rounds and other obligatory appearances.

Now the family was enjoying the late summer at a cabin resort with all the outdoor amenities necessary to Rooseveltian fun.

President William McKinley was shot by an assassin in early September, 1901.

On September 6, Roosevelt was attending a luncheon at a…

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