Grover Cleveland, Commuter

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An early image of the White House, home to twenty presidents before Grover Cleveland.

The Presidency has always come with very nice housing. Free.

Presidents’ Residence

By the time a President is elected, he is mature, established in a profession, and at least of middle class means. Some of our early POTUSes had magnificent estates even then – like Washington, Jefferson and Madison.

World-traveled John Quincy Adams maintained two homes: one in Washington DC, and the family home in Massachusetts. Professionally rumpled soldier Zachary Taylor had purchased a Louisiana plantation for his retirement. Distinctly middle class presidents like Franklin Pierce, Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson owned their own homes. Even lifelong bachelor James Buchanan had a fine estate in Lancaster, PA.

But not so Grover Cleveland.

Cleveland the Houseless

When Grover Cleveland (1837-1908) was elected President in 1884, he was 47 years old and a bachelor.

Grover Cleveland had no…

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