Guilt by Association

“You will Do well to try to inoculate the Indians, by means of Blankets, as well as to Try Every other Method, that can Serve to Extirpate this Execrable Race. — I should be very glad [if] your Scheme for Hunting them down by Dogs could take Effect; but England is at too great a Distance to think that at present.”  Lord Jeffrey Amherst to Colonel Henry Bouquet- July 16, 1763. 

Let the Yanks take all the blame...

Let the Yanks take all the blame…

A small passage from an insignificant letter…from the Royal Governor of North America to a soldier under his command during Pontiac’s Rebellion- its ramifications are infamous.  The astoundingly befuddled plans of two British officers(most North Americans had already been exposed) has been inexplicably  linked  to American Indian policy of the late 19th century.  There is not a scrap of evidence that any US officer advocated using biological warfare against any Indian nation; yet, popular sentiment holds it as an indisputable fact.  Our government committed many wrongs in its dealings with American Indians- this is not one of them.


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Often Repeated- Never True

Despite the fraudulent efforts of academic hucksters like… the resoundingly discredited Ward Churchill  – there is still no evidence that the US government ever tried to infect American Indians with smallpox.  As stated in a previous post, the myth of the smallpox blankets stems from a British, not American plan- an unsuccessful plan all-the-same.  Churchill manipulates this myth into his misguided and perverse theory that the United States committed genocide against American Indians.  The core of his argument is the 1837 outbreak among the Mandan tribe near Fort Clark- according to Churchill, the US Army shipped quarantined blankets from St. Louis to Fort Clark and then distributed them to the Mandan.


Now about that pesky historical evidence-

  • Fort Clark was not a US military post- it was owned and operated by a private fur trading company.
  • There were no US military personnel within 800 miles of Fort Clark in 1837
  • There is no evidence of US Army blankets infected with smallpox at St. Louis(or any post.)
  • None of the witnesses- including an Indian Affairs agent – distributed blankets to the tribe.
  • All of the witnesses record the same event- a Mandan sneaking onto a steamer with sick passengers and stealing a blanket.  Churchill never acknowledges this event despite its prominence in the historical record.
  • Nearly all scholars agree- the 1837 outbreak was likely caused by human-human contact and not airborne transmissions from blankets(there is evidence of Mandans socializing with some of the infected passengers.)
Devaluing the term "genocide" since 1978

Devaluing the term “genocide” since 1978

Hucksters have a story to sell and books to peddle… even if that means falsifying sources, fabricating evidence, and creating historical figures – all to push a political agenda.  There are still academics who defend him and see him as a hero of academic freedom. Protecting free speech and academic freedom is a noble(and necessary) endeavor, but Ward Churchill is a spurious choice for such an important cause.

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Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

Autumn is never a second Spring…

  • “Draining the swamp” actually means crippling the government to the point of ineptitude
  • It is a woeful administration that can be mocked and manipulated by the North Korean regime
  • This President is well beyond the impeachment standards established by Madison and Hamilton
  • Neither political party is able to provide leadership
  • Paul Ryan is not even an insect on Henry Clay’s tombstone
  • Trump supporters will remain so, until he demands their sons and daughters risk their lives overseas
  • Elon Musk is not the new Thomas Edison
  • US Grant is an overrated tactician
  • William S. Rosecrans is an underrated tactician
  • Please finish the Eisenhower Memorial
  • Those of us who love history must be vigilant during this chaotic time of revision and destruction
  • We must not allow this coddled and entitled generation to rewrite our history
  • #StandwithJefferson
  • There is no white supremacy at the University of Virginia
  • Confederate monuments in public spaces should be moved to cemeteries and battlefields
  • Corporate Charter Schools betray the original intent of the movement
  • School choice works
  • Historia est Magistra Vitae 

To stop desecrating my memory

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Terror at Home

The assassination of William McKinley by an anarchist… was still fresh in the minds of the US Justice Dept.  The triumph of the Bolsheviks in 1917 prompted radicals in America to step up their campaign of violence.  Anarchists agitated through organized labor and started a campaign of violence not seen since the end of the Civil War.

Domestic enemies everywhere

Domestic enemies everywhere

April, May, and June of 1919 was a time of terror… from a foreign threat hiding among us.  Eastern European radicals first sent 30 letter bombs to businessmen and law enforcement officers  around the country, killing two people.  In June, the anarchists struck again, placing packaged bombs at the homes of government officials, including Attorney General, A. Mitchell Palmer.  Two more people were killed- flyers were distributed around the country declaring war on capitalism.  The American people demanded action.


Palmer responded by setting into motion… the newly created investigative bureau, headed by 24 year old J. Edgar Hoover.  The orders were simple- find the radicals, arrest and deport them.  Hoover launched sweeping raids in 23 states.  Over 3000 people were arrested, many without warrants or indictments.  Communist organizers, Eastern Europeans, and union agitators were targeted.  As the raids grew in intensity, critics emerged to challenge their constitutionality.  By 1920, the public seemed to lose interest in combating the terror threat posed by the anarchists.


Palmer once was considered a Presidential hopeful… but the raids ultimately cost him his political career.  American public opinion turned against the heavy handed tactics of Hoover’s FBI, despite the threat still posed by anarchists.  This was clearly on display during the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti in 1920- Two self-confessed anarchists tried for murder and robbery, and public opinion was decidedly against the government’s case.   The violence continued with little public outcry….



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On Education

We celebrate the birth of Samuel Adams by expressing his desire for an educated electorate…  Not the kind of rabble easily fooled by demagogues manipulating fear and emotion– the masses of people able to discern and decide on their own, using sound minds and commendable judgements.

The said Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of The United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”

“Let Divines, and Philosophers, Statesmen and Patriots unite their endeavours to renovate the Age, by impressing the Minds of Men with the importance of educating their little boys, and girls — of inculcating in the Minds of youth the fear, and Love of the Deity, and universal Phylanthropy; and in subordination to these great principles, the Love of their Country — of instructing them in the Art of self government, without which they never can act a wise part in the Government of Societies great, or small…”  1790

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Leave Madison Alone

Joe Ellis explained the absence of serious Madison biographies… by proclaiming “he’s boring as hell” and that “only lawyers like him.”   As previously stated, Ellis’s recent comments on the Framers and Original Intent cast doubt on the rigor of his scholarship- and these nuggets of wisdom only enhance the evidence of his misguided revisionism.

Never far apart

Never far apart

The revision Ellis is peddling holds that Madison and other Framers… rejected the doctrine of Original Intent on its face.  The only empirical evidence supporting this notion is Madison’s oft quoted explanation for not publishing his notes on the Constitutional Convention.  Once established, the government continued to disappoint Madison, driving him closer to his friend Jefferson.  During his presidency, Madison undoubtedly supported Original Intent as he battled John Marshall and Congress for the soul of the Constitution.  He feared the elasticity in the Constitution was being abused by ambitious demagogues- Madison wanted the power of government restrained- his original intent.

What have your wrought, Joe?

What have your wrought, Joe?

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Stop Being So Literal

Desperate to legitimize the rudderless “Black Lives Matter” movement…  and further the destructive hubris found in attacking our Founding and early history;  left-leaning, Howard Zinn inspired agitators have turned their attention to our National Anthem.

Dawn's early light

Dawn’s early light

Backup Quarterback extraordinaire, Colin Kaepernick… chose not to stand during the Anthem at a recent preseason football game, citing the oppressive history of our government.  Social media erupted with appropriate criticism, citing his luxurious lifestyle and modest upbringing.  His defenders were few in number, but immediately championed his cause by attacking the context, rather than the substance of his protest.  The Star Spangled Banner is racist, moreover, it advocates the KILLING of slaves!! 


An obvious and poor attempt at being provocative…  the author of this nonsense should have consulted an historian before publishing such a foolish error.  Francis Scott Key’s third verse uses the image of slavery in a rhetorical flourish to remind the country of the impositions the British had pressed upon us(literally at sea.)  In the verse he proclaims that we avoided the fate of hirelings and slaves- sudden and unjust death.  Our bravery had repulsed the invader and his cowardly minions(Federalists, mercenaries etc..)

Between their loved homes and the war's desolation

Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation

This is the state of historical study today… even a grammatical reference to slavery in a poem written 202 years ago deserves our righteous scorn.  This is just the latest example of the hubris that will be our undoing.  Mr. Kaepernick is entitled to make his deliberately provocative gestures, but he is not excused from the criticism.  Take responsibility, sir…. and get used to the bench.



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