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Weekly History News Roundup

The iconoclasm continues… “offensive” monuments to American Indians will fall next


Duke University symposium addresses monument removalpanels conclude monuments are not the problems we face today


Vandalism of Confederate monuments continues… North Carolina monument desecrated for second time this year


Katie Couric plans documentary about Confederate monument debatea fair and balanced approach is not in the offering


Profile in Courage Award goes to Mayor of New Orleans for tearing down monuments… Landrieu is so very shrewd in the spotlight 


James Madison Preparatory School in Tempe, Arizona  Presents:


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Weekly History News Roundup

Charlottesville must remove shrouds over Confederate monumentsjudge rejects City’s argument that shrouds were to honor protest victims


So-called “Hitler Bell” to remain in German church… town council votes to keep controversial bell as a memorial


South Carolina gubernatorial candidate’s ancestors owned slaves… Her comments on the Civil War have drawn criticism


Lock of George Washington’s hair discovered in 18th century almanacheirloom belonged to the Hamilton family


Ancient Roman boxing gloves unearthedonly known pair of sparring gloves ever discovered


Washington must have slept here

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Fading Away….

Battle lines are fading...

Battle lines are fading…


Civil War reenacting is a dying hobby… numbers have declined sharply over the last 20 years- due in part to the recession, but many of the wounds are self inflicted.


Serious reenactors are intimidating… and their strict adherence to unquestionable authenticity allows little room for the curious or casual hobbyist.  The ranks are growing grayer, and heftier- and the importance of living history is being brushed aside for selfish “hardcore campaigning.”    Potential recruits are openly discouraged by so-called “hardcores” – self appointed protectors of the lifestyle….. soon to be lost in all the stitch counting.


Greater effort is needed to reach out to the next generation of Civil War living historians… There must be an alternative to self-defeating behaviors like stitch counting and labeling- as if our hobby was meant to be exclusive. 





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Weekly History News Roundup

Lincoln’s legacy under attack at Wisconsin-Madison… Student group protests statue to the Great Emancipator- millennial iconoclasm knows no bounds.


Trump’s Chief of Staff calls Robert E. Lee “honorable”… Thought police refuse to tolerate differing historical interpretations


More JFK assassination files released13,000 additional documents made public this week


NAACP calls for abolishing National AnthemCalifornia chapter believes the song to be racist


Ground finally broken on Eisenhower memorial… funding approved on controversial memorial, which will undoubtedly be protested when finished 


Lincoln: Defender of the Union or genocidal maniac?




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Weekly History News Roundup

Lee descendants grapple with family legacy… the complex issue of monument removal haunts family


Wreckage of USS Indianapolis discoveredship sank by Japanese submarine 72 years ago


Will Trump resign the Presidency?.many before him have considered it


Fruitcake found in Antarctica “practically edible”… was abandoned over 100 years ago by explorer 


Civil War Trust acquires 391 acres of battlefields in Virginia... purchase halts significant threat to 3 battlefields



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Some Thoughts on Lee-Jackson Day

The weather could not have been more beautiful in Lexington, Virginia, on Saturday morning as hundreds of Confederate devotees gathered for the annual Lee-Jackson Day commemoration. The day itself—still observed as a legal holiday in parts of Virginia—falls on January 20, the day between Robert E. Lee’s and Stonewall Jackson’s birthdays (January 19 and 21, […]


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