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Weekly History News Roundup

Lincoln’s legacy under attack at Wisconsin-Madison… Student group protests statue to the Great Emancipator- millennial iconoclasm knows no bounds.


Trump’s Chief of Staff calls Robert E. Lee “honorable”… Thought police refuse to tolerate differing historical interpretations


More JFK assassination files released13,000 additional documents made public this week


NAACP calls for abolishing National AnthemCalifornia chapter believes the song to be racist


Ground finally broken on Eisenhower memorial… funding approved on controversial memorial, which will undoubtedly be protested when finished 


Lincoln: Defender of the Union or genocidal maniac?





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Walking the Walk

Eisenhower lacked the rhetorical flourishes of Jack Kennedy… but when it came to defending Civil Rights in America, Ike accomplished far more than his successor.  Popular history has embraced Kennedy as a Civil Rights champion and largely ignored the record of Eisenhower.  This is largely due to the martyrdom  bestowed on Kennedy and Ike’s measured responses to crisis.

Signing the Civil Rights Act of 1957

The historical record shows Eisenhower to have the strongest Civil Rights record… since Reconstruction.  But, his incremental actions and tempered statements have made it easy for Progressive historians to disregard him as just another Republican.  We cannot overlook Eisenhower’s contribution to the advancement of Civil Rights in America:

Enforcing the Law

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Would He Belong?

Would Dwight D. Eisenhower be welcomed in today’s Republican party?… Today’s GOP- dominated by fiscal Conservatives like the so-called “freedom caucus;”  scrawny descendants of  Do-Nothings of the 80th Congress   who obstruct, protest, and bloviate over the slightest Federal spending.  The insistence on labeling government programs as “entitlements” will give these rank amateurs undue influence in policy making.  Programs like Social Security, GI Bill, unemployment insurance, the interstate system, Civil Rights and the National Parks are all seen as drains on our government and in need of outsourcing.

Let’s build interstates

Eisenhower oversaw the expansion of all these “drains” and expanded so-called entitlements ….  and had a very different view of governing:

In all those things which deal with people, be liberal, be human. In all those things which deal with people’s money, or their economy, or their form of government, be conservative.”


Ike’s domestic policy was bold and equitable in the face of … the traditions of his party.  Sadly, such a leader would be expelled by today’s Republicans–  no longer the party of Lincoln. 


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Weekly History News Roundup

NASA remembers Apollo 1 disaster… three astronauts honored on 5oth anniversary


Owner files suit to keep Hitler’s childhood homeAustrian government seeks to destroy original structure


World War 1 memorial draws concern in Washingtondoes the National Mall need another war memorial?


Doubts remain about Eisenhower memorial… Ike’s family finally supports controversial design


Civil War battlefield preservation expanded in 2016… Civil War Trust released promising numbers from a banner year.


Remembering Apollo 1

Remembering Apollo 1

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Weekly History News Roundup

World leaders gather to commemorate WW1the war to end all wars turns 100


Researchers work to identify anchor… discovery in Puget Sound may be lost anchor from a British exploration


Congressional report critical of Eisenhower memorial commission$41 million spent and ground yet to be broken


Bill Clinton rationalized not killing Bin Laden on Sept. 10, 2001recording of a discussion shows the former President citing fears of collateral damage


Workers find shipwreck under WTC siteship dates to the colonial era



Ship identified by tree rings in timbers


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