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Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

Autumn is never a second Spring…

  • “Draining the swamp” actually means crippling the government to the point of ineptitude
  • It is a woeful administration that can be mocked and manipulated by the North Korean regime
  • This President is well beyond the impeachment standards established by Madison and Hamilton
  • Neither political party is able to provide leadership
  • Paul Ryan is not even an insect on Henry Clay’s tombstone
  • Trump supporters will remain so, until he demands their sons and daughters risk their lives overseas
  • Elon Musk is not the new Thomas Edison
  • US Grant is an overrated tactician
  • William S. Rosecrans is an underrated tactician
  • Please finish the Eisenhower Memorial
  • Those of us who love history must be vigilant during this chaotic time of revision and destruction
  • We must not allow this coddled and entitled generation to rewrite our history
  • #StandwithJefferson
  • There is no white supremacy at the University of Virginia
  • Confederate monuments in public spaces should be moved to cemeteries and battlefields
  • Corporate Charter Schools betray the original intent of the movement
  • School choice works
  • Historia est Magistra Vitae 

To stop desecrating my memory


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Weekly History News Roundup

Trump is no TrumanNorth Korea bluster cause bogus comparison


Diplomatic shortages damaging North Korean progress… Trump administration fails to accept history


Army refuses to rename base streets… NY Democrats demanded Confederate names removed 


50th anniversary of the Detroit Riots..1967 unrest changed the city forever


Trump donates first salary installment to Antietam battlefielddonation of $78,333   to repair battlefield structures


Trump’s money


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Weekly History News Roundup

Norman Schwarzkopf dies…  led coalition forces during the First Gulf War

Mass killings have long history… America is not the only country to deal with deadly phenomenon 

Georgia rebuilds Stalin monumentsdictator’s countrymen remember better times

Secrets of 1814 battle revealed in dig… Maryland archaeologists unearth key evidence from important battle during War of 1812

North Korea unveils body of former ruler… Kim Jong Il’s body put on display as spectators weep 

RIP  1934-2012

RIP 1934-2012

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Weekly History News Roundup

Look what James Cameron started… now the entire Titanic wreck has been mapped 

Forensics continue to amaze… sailors who perished on the USS Monitor now have faces…

New Regime, new attitude?… North Korean will allow new searches for fallen American soldiers

Is Dan Brown at it again?… Some now claim that Da Vinci did not paint the Mona Lisa

More good news in preservation fight… Pennsylvania’s Senators are trying to protect Gettysburg

Garry Owen! …Michigan philanthropists what to build a new Custer museum….in Michigan


All the news that fit to link

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