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The Frequency is, Kenneth

Dan Rather was attacked by a mentally disturbed man outside his Park Avenue apartment… October 4, 1986.  The assailant screamed, “KENNETH, WHAT IS THE FREQUENCY?”  repeatedly at Rather.  The doorman rescued the battered anchorman and the crazed attacker disappeared into the urban jungle.

The wrong man…

For years, comedians, writers, rock bands, and colleagues wanted to know…. who is Kenneth?  What prompted the attack on the CBS News anchor?  History now shows us, it was most likely a case of mistaken identity.

Rock and Roll tech wiz

Kenny Schaffer, the inventor of electric guitar relays… was giving a speech at Columbia University on October 4th.  Schaffer had developed an ingenious method of intercepting Soviet TV and radio signals- a cool idea that he refused to share with greedy peers.  William Tager, the deranged attacker, confused Rather for Schaffer that October day.  He believed the S0viet signals were entering his brain and wanted Schaffer to stop them- so he attacked.. and created a pop-culture phenomenon.

And I feel fine…


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